Business Number Sharing

The UberSmartPhone virtual phone number service is very cost effective and easy to use. Most notable is the sharing feature that allows one phone number to be connected to up-to 10 phones. Consequently, a small business owner can easily arrange phone coverage when they are away, on a job site, or otherwise unavailable.

Inbound calls show a caller-ID of the business phone number. As a result the user can easily recognize a business call. Some phones can be set to ring differently when they see the business phone number caller-ID. Upon answering, the system reads the caller’s phone number (or name in the contact book) and asks the business user to press “1”. This prevents the caller from being sent into a personal voice mail box.

UberSmartPhone supports all 10 phones making an outbound call on the business phone number at the same time. Due to the cloud design of UberSmartPhone, resources are commanded automatically when the demand occurs.

Record Keeping

UberSmartPhone makes it easy for the owner to monitor business phone number activity by viewing or downloading the call logs. UberSmartPhone also has a call recording feature that will record every inbound and outbound call.

Text Messaging on a Business Phone Number

Text messaging is a very popular mode of communication. It allows people in busy places to talk privately without disturbing others. Even more than inbound and outbound voice calls, UberSmartPhone provides full SMS/MMS text and picture messaging functionality. Members of your business can communicate via text with customers and suppliers on their personal smartphones using the business phone number. As a result these messages do not end up lost on a personal smartphone. Instead these text communications are accumulated in the UberSmartPhone Message tab that organizes them into conversations for all business users to see.

See the “Full Conversation” when Texting a Customer

When one person is preparing to send a text message, they can view all the other messages sent by all the other people. Consequently the “full conversation” is readily available. As a result there is no wondering what somebody else might have text’d to a customer or supplier.

Attach Up to 10 Images to a Text Message

When UberSmartPhone is connected to a local number, text messages can include up to 10 images. Therefore text/picture messaging can be an effective channel of communication for interacting with customers and suppliers. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Customers can send in pictures of what they are looking for and all the business users receive a copy. Business members can send images or info screen shots to customers via text using the business phone number.

Text with Your Customers Using the Business Number

Most noteworthy is that businesses that can text with their customers are more appealing with the millennial smartphone crowd. Consequently this can differentiate your business from the more primitive telephone/website-contact-form operations.

On-Duty and Off-Duty

Users have a setting on their dialers to go “On-Duty” or “Off-Duty”, which turns on or turns off inbound calls and text messages. Furthermore “Off-Duty” users can make outbound calls, send text messages, and view the logs. For calls that are “in-progress” any user can join in by clicking the entry in the dialer Log tab. As a result if you miss a call and another person picks it up, you can still jump in. UberSmartPhone can handle all 10 agents being on a call with one caller.

Easy to Learn

UberSmartPhone is easy to learn as it appears on your personal smartphone as a “second dialer”. Within the UberSmartPhone dialer are the familiar Dial, Contact, Messages, and Log tabs. As a result people get up to speed in no-time.

Easy to Provision

UberSmartPhone is a 100% through and through cloud service. As a result things are simpler as there is no App to install. No need to go to the Apple iTunes store or Google Playstore. The provisioning process involves texting a PIN to the business number you wish to add to your phone. The system instantly responds with a link to the dialer. Simply bookmark this link and add it to your home screen for single click access.

Bluetooth and In-Vehicle Support

UberSmartPhone has two features specifically for blue-tooth and in-vehicle users who need hands free operation.

Firstly there is a voice recognition function that allows a user to connect to an inbound call by simply saying “hello” and pausing. This is in contrast to the standard mode of operation where the user must press the “1” key to accept the call.

For text messages UberSmartPhone has a function that will call and read text messages to the user. You cannot respond, but at least you can know what is going on without taking your hands from the wheel.