In a nutshell

USP is a web based cloud telephony service. It consists of two parts, the dialer, and the console.

  • The dialer features a familiar telephone interface. It provides the numpad, contacts, call logs, call recording, voice mail, SMS & MMS, and full Emoji support.
  • The console manages your Twilio telephone numbers, agents, and settings. Connect your Twilio account here to get started.

What are the features?

  • Forward provisioned number(s) to your phone
  • Make outbound calls with alternate caller ID(s)
  • Sharing of number(s) with multiple agents
  • Toll free – no long distance charges
  • Send and receive SMS text messages
  • Send and receive images with MMS
  • Contacts, Voice Mail, and Call history
  • Easy provisioning by texting a PIN
  • Join in-progress calls
  • Call recording
  • Call blasting

Why choose this service?