Video Text

Video text allows sending a short 1 minute video clip (up to 250MB) to a recipient’s text message inbox.

When the recipient clicks on the link in the text message the default browser opens and the video starts playing.

There is no additional software or apps required on the recipient’s end.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Short personalized video text messages that mention the recipient’s name have a high rate of being watched
  • Text messages are a default application on all smartphones. Even users with a stock smartphone will get a notification
  • Close more deals and collect more receivables using video text
  • Video text messages are optimized for excellent audio quality is and good video quality. Data usage is low (~5MB)
  • Keep track of the number of times the video is watched. This is a useful measure of engagement
  • Avoid guessing which App the recipient has (WhatsApp, Messenger, LinkedIn, etc) when sending a video
  • Avoid poor recipient experience when sending a video. Some providers replace video streams with a static picture or an icon
You only get once chance to make a first impression

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