How it works

System Overview

USP is entirely web based and works on your phone’s browser. The USP Dialer uses SSL and is protected by a 30 digit security token when communication to the USP Console. All data, SMS/MMS, and contacts are stored in the Cloud. Voice calls are made through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to assure carrier quality phone calls.

Outbound Calls

1.) USP Dialer dials remote number and activates the outbound number

2.) Native dialer calls the outbound number using the PSTN

3.) USP Console replaces agent’s native number with outbound number

Inbound Calls

Inbound callers will hear the ringback sound. The variable MAX CALL TRANSFER determines how many seconds ringback is played before the Voice Mail takes over.


Voice Mail can be a text-to-speech based greeting or a professionally recorded and uploaded MP3 file.


Provisioned phone numbers can be set to “PARTY LINE” meaning agents will join the incoming call as they pick up their phone. The default setting for this feature is “FIRST AGENT” which terminates the call on all other agent’s phones after the first agent picked up.



One Dialer belongs to one agent, however, one agent can have multiple Dialers.


In the example, Agent A’s phone will ring for customer calls from across North America.


Agent B’s phone will only ring for calls from San Francisco.


Monthly Twilio costs are variable and depend on the number of owned telephone numbers, whether calls are incoming or outgoing, number of agents involved in a call, and the amount of messages sent.

Regular, local calling charges from your carrier to Twilio may occur depending on your phone’s calling plan.