Bulk Text Messaging

Why Bulk Text Messaging?

Bulk Text Messaging is an effective and inexpensive way to follow up with prospects and clients. Your picture message (with URL) is put up front and center on the recipient’s phone for just 2 cents. It typically costs 10 cents for a quality business card. Spending 10 cents on Bulk Text Messaging will get you FIVE follow-up messages to that initial business card exchange.

Bulk Text Messaging is easy to use. Dump that box of business cards on the table and key the phone numbers and names into a spreadsheet. Include a single sentence message (eg: “2-for-1 Lobster diner this Friday Only at the Seaside Cafe”), a picture, and a link to google maps. Upload and click Send. UberSmartPhone will take care of the rest.

Send out 100 picture messages with a tracked URL for just $2.00!

ubersmartphone.com bbulk text messaging

Benefits of Bulk Text Messaging

  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Measure the level of engagement
  • Announce sales and special events
  • Perform surveys
  • User subscribe and unsubscribe

Mobile Wide Reach

Text messaging (aka SMS and MMS) is a widely used and trusted service by the vast majority of cell phone users. Unlike email, text messaging is a service completely provided by the telephone companies.

Text messaging works out-of-the-box the moment a brand new cell phone is activated.

Typically 97% of text messages are opened.

Handling of Replies

When a recipient replies to a bulk text message, the response will be copied to up to all associated UberSmartPhone agents. The agents can then engage the customer using the UberSmartPhone text messaging on their smartphones. Since the customer is showing interest by replying, a timely response will keep the customer engaged.

Furthermore if the customer calls the number that sent the Bulk Text Message, the phone of each associated agent will ring. The first agent to answer will get the call and can engage the customer over the phone.

For example, if a restaurant launches a campaign announcing a Friday Steak and Lobster special, customers can simply respond to the text message or call to request a reservation. Restaurant staff can then book the reservation and send a confirming message to the customer.

For more information on Text Bulk Messaging please call or text our friendly sales team.