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Virtual Phone Numbers

UberSmartPhone is a cloud telephone service. There is no App to install because provisioning is accomplished instantly by texting a PIN to the number to be added.

Most noteworthy UberSmartPhone allows up to 10 people to share one phone number. As a result, inbound calls are simultaneously sent to all 10 “on-duty” phones. The first to answer gets the call. Consequently the caller is connected as quickly as possible. Similarly, when a text/picture SMS/MMS arrives, the message is relayed to all 10 “on-duty” phones.

Perfect for Small Business

UberSmartPhone is perfect for small businesses. Have others cover the phone when you are away or on a job.

Create a great first impression for callers by uploading a professional MP3 voice mail greeting. Another option is to type your greeting in English, French, or Spanish and UberSmartPhone will read it. Most noteworthy, voice mail messages are immediately texted to all 10 “on-duty” phones.

Single-Click Access from Your Smartphone

UberSmartPhone numbers are added to a users’ personal smartphone. As a result it’s like having multiple separate smartphones: one for personal and the others for business. Furthermore, with UberSmartPhone the business number is streamlined into a single-click icon on your home screen. As a result the user just clicks the icon to launch a “business number” dialer to make calls and send messages. UberSmartPhone provides simple and cost effective functionality in contrast to the clumsiness and cost of multiple phones.

Call Recording

UberSmartPhone can record all your inbound and outbound calls. Most noteworthy this includes any business calls made or received on any of the 10 phones. Furthermore there is a “full conversation” record for all text messages. Therefore the text message log shows what each of the 10 phones sent and what was received.


Twilio acts as the phone company and provides local numbers for a monthly fee (typically $1) plus usage. Most noteworthy is the fact that Twilio has thousands of phone numbers to choose from. Furthermore Twilio can provide local phone numbers in just about any city in Canada and the USA. Twilio also provides local numbers in 50+ countries.

Even more, easy-on-the-budget North American toll free numbers are $2/month plus usage.

Likewise you can port any land-line or mobile number to Twilio (typically $7-$15 one-time). Most noteworthy, land-lines ported to Twilio are bestowed with text and picture messaging functionality.

Carrier Quality Audio

Another distinguishing feature is our Carrier Quality audio. This is accomplished by routing conversations through the smartphone’s “voice channel”. This channel is optimized by the cellular provider for voice communication. As a result, your smartphone’s “voice channel” delivers the very best audio for the given cellular coverage circumstances.

In contrast, other virtual phone service providers route the conversation over the smartphone’s “data channel” (aka. VOIP). The “data channel” is very fast and optimized for email and Internet. As a result using the “data channel” for phone conversations can cause garbled or lost audio.

Simple Month-to-Month Plans

UberSmartPhone is provided on a no obligation, no contract basis. Hence there is a flat monthly/yearly subscription for the UberSmartPhone.com cloud application service. This service, in-turn, makes use of your Twilio account. Similarly Twilio is also a month to month no contract or obligation cloud service.

UberSmartPhone can take control of up to 10 Twilio numbers. Consequently you can add all 10 phone numbers to one smartphone or land-line using UberSmartPhone.

Shared Contact Book

For even more team cohesiveness, the UberSmartPhone contact book is shared between the 10 phones. As a result, if one user adds a new entry, all the other phones can see it.

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